Nickname: Hawai'i

Year on the team: Rookie

Hometown: Kane'ohe, Hawai'i

College: University of Hawai'i

Birthday: February 20

Dance Experience: I studied various dance genres for fifteen years with companies including the Honolulu Dance Company, Iona Dance & most recently 247 Danceforce under the direction of Marcelo Pacleb. Danced for the University of Hawai'i as a Rainbow Warrior Dancer & performed at the 2008 Sugar Bowl.

What is your dream job? I'd say dancing for the Nets is a dream job! I'd also love to dance in a Broadway musical.

If you found $20 in your pocket, what would you spend it on? Coffee!

What is your favorite holiday? Halloween! I love to dress up & who doesn't love free candy?

What is your favorite TV show? Nurse Jackie & The Big Bang Theory. I'm also really enjoying the new Hawaii Five-O. Book em Danno!

What is one thing you can't live without? My family